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Principals Today covers important updates throughout New Zealand’s education sector and highlights the amazing innovation happening at school across the country. Each issue delves into staffing, pupils, resources, property, management, technology, curriculum and more


What You’ll Find in Principals Today:


Learn about school staff around the country who are helping our children learn and grow.


Expert insight on effective management techniques to keep everything running smoothly.


See how the students of today are adapting in an ever-changing world.


The latest advancements and innovations in educational technology.


Find out about property developments and how they’re shaping educational opportunities.


Explore alternatives and fresh ideas to incorporate in your curriculum.

Why Advertise with Principals Today?

Principals Today is an invaluable partner for any marketer determined to get into and to sell to New Zealand’s most lucrative education market. Principals Today gives advertisers direct access to the most influential decision makers in all of New Zealand’s educational institutes.
The publication is directly mailed on a quarterly basis, coinciding with the beginning of each school term, to educational institutes throughout New Zealand.

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