A Heartwarming Reunion

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  • October 17, 2023
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Marlborough Girls’ College 60th Jubilee

Marlborough Girls’ College recently celebrated its 60th jubilee, bringing together current and former students and teachers in a heartwarming reunion. The jubilee weekend was filled with tradition, celebration, and an opportunity for the college community to reconnect.

The festivities began with a poignant Karanga call led by Whaea Nan Kahu Chadwick, a respected te reo teacher. The call marked the start of a traditional Māori welcome, as staff members extended greetings on behalf of the college.

Old girl Karen Starkey, a graduate from 1963, led her fellow alumni onto the college grounds, emphasising the lasting connection to the institution. Principal Mary-Jeanne Lynch welcomed past students, and the gathering shared songs and traditional Māori greetings. Morning tea allowed for further connections and conversations.

Students revisited their classrooms, while former students explored modern teaching methods through school tours. The open invitation to watch house sports in the afternoon bridged the gap between generations and showcased the college’s progress.

Former students rekindled old friendships, and revisited cherished memories through photos and memorabilia. The jubilee concluded with a grand dinner, uniting past and present students and teachers in a night of celebration and reflection.

Marlborough Girls’ College’s 60th jubilee was a heartwarming reunion, celebrating the shared history and connections that have endured over six decades. The event served as a testament to the enduring spirit and community of the college.

This information was sourced from an article posted on Stuff.co.nz