LavaLava Finds a Place at Napier Girls High School

Napier Girls’ High School has recently incorporated the lavalava into its official uniform, a concept that has been in development for three years. The inspiration for this addition arose when students observed that other New Zealand schools had already integrated it into their dress code. They decided to approach Principal Dawn Ackroyd and the Pasifika […]

The School with a Farm

Rangiora High School’s Farm Transition Rangiora High School is undergoing changes on its farm, in response to the growing urban influence in the area. The school is reconsidering the role of its farm, with a focus on adapting it into a modern outdoor learning space. This transformation goes beyond traditional lamb-raising practices and explores a […]

Unsung Heroes of Education

Celebrating School Support Staff When we think of education and schools, it’s natural to envision teachers and principals as the main pillars of the educational system. However, there’s an unsung army of heroes who work tirelessly behind the scenes to support educators, principals, and students, making a significant impact on the overall quality of education. […]

Invercargill Middle School’s 150th Jubilee

A Celebration of Community and Rediscovery Invercargill Middle School is on the verge of making history as it gears up for its 150th Jubilee celebration. This special event will be an opportunity for Southlanders to reconnect with their school’s past, celebrate the present, and glimpse into the future. The weekend kicks off with current students […]

A Heartwarming Reunion

Marlborough Girls’ College 60th Jubilee Marlborough Girls’ College recently celebrated its 60th jubilee, bringing together current and former students and teachers in a heartwarming reunion. The jubilee weekend was filled with tradition, celebration, and an opportunity for the college community to reconnect. The festivities began with a poignant Karanga call led by Whaea Nan Kahu […]

From Country to Cities

Rural Students’ University Entrance Struggles A recent study done by the University of Auckland reveals that rural students face significant challenges in achieving NCEA Level three and University Entrance when compared to their urban peers. These findings highlight a critical educational disparity and have sparked concerns about rural students’ access to competitive university programs. The […]

Privacy vs Security

The Debate Over School Bathroom Cameras Rising concerns about vaping and bullying, has caused schools wanting to install surveillance cameras in bathrooms. However, Privacy Commissioner Michael Webster has issued a warning, urging schools to proceed with caution, considering the sensitive nature of privacy in these spaces. “Bathrooms are highly sensitive zones for privacy and there’s […]

School’s Back!

The Return to Term 4 With spring in full swing across New Zealand, dedicated educators are back in the classrooms after a refreshing spring break. This return to term four shows a mix of renewed energy and fresh inspiration, setting the stage for an engaging return to learning. Spring symbolises new beginnings. For teachers, it’s […]

Mixed Results

Nearly Half of Teenagers Fail New NCEA Tests The Ministry of Education recently released the results of the new NCEA tests, which were introduced earlier this year. The findings have sparked discussions and raised concerns as nearly half of the teenagers who took these tests failed. Key Findings: ● A total of 41,000 secondary school […]