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  • August 30, 2023
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Celebrating a significant milestone today with the launch of the National Career Systems Strategy. The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) takes the lead in shaping Aotearoa New Zealand’s careers landscape, driving the strategy’s
implementation as kaitiaki.

According to Tim Fowler, TEC’s Chief Executive, this strategy charts the course for our careers system’s future. It envisions a robust framework that supports and fortifies New Zealand’s careers ecosystem. Serving as a guiding beacon, this strategy
extends advice, support, and direction to all career stages.

The strategy zeroes in on existing strengths within the careers system, accentuating the government’s dedication to dismantling barriers that hinder career decisions.

Crafted for both the present and the horizon, it’s equipped to underpin emerging skills, roles, and capacities for growth. Tim Fowler emphasises that people are at the strategy’s core. Its vision empowers individuals to grasp their aspirations and navigate opportunities seamlessly across their lifetime. The strategy’s creation involved collaboration among government bodies, career professionals, educators, businesses, Māori, community representatives, and over 700 stakeholders.

This strategy’s inclusive approach aligns with the diverse needs of current users, uniting stakeholders from all corners of the careers sector. Praise goes to Cherie Perrow, Heather Lowery Kappes, CDANZ National Executive, and members, who contributed to this cohesive framework. Craig Dyason, President of CATE, highlights the strategy’s lifelong, coordinated approach, benefiting young people’s career journeys and equipping educators for effective guidance.

The strategy focuses on three key areas: fostering communities, elevating careers support, and ensuring equitable access. This achievement marks a leap toward an empowered and inclusive career landscape for all New Zealanders.