From High School to Intermediate

Queen Elizabeth College Welcomes Intermediate Students

In response to the community, Queen Elizabeth College in Palmerston North, is set to broaden the age of children. In the upcoming academic year, they will introduce a class for intermediate students, encompassing both year 7 and year 8. This strategic move not only answers the community’s call but also positions Queen Elizabeth College as the pioneering secular option for year 7 to 13 education in the Palmerston North region.

The decision to teach intermediate students was prompted by inquiries from parents and community members. The school’s principal, Chris Moller, has experienced staff who are well-trained to teach younger students effectively.

While some eager students have already enrolled, Queen Elizabeth College anticipates that around 25 intermediate children will join the class at the beginning of next year. Looking ahead, the school’s goal is to accommodate approximately 100 intermediate-age pupils within a few years.

This expansion has received the Ministry of Education’s seal of approval, marking it as an exciting new phase in Queen Elizabeth College’s educational journey. With the necessary infrastructure in place, including dedicated classrooms and recreational facilities including two gyms and a swimming pool, the school is primed to provide an enriching and holistic educational experience to students of all ages.

The school is considering the development of a specialised playground catering to the needs of its younger students. This forward-thinking approach highlights Queen Elizabeth College’s commitment to creating a nurturing and engaging learning environment for all students.

The Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the school, is actively involved in the transition process, ensuring a seamless integration of intermediate education at Queen Elizabeth College. As the school approaches this exciting milestone, it is poised to become a beacon of comprehensive and inclusive education, meeting the diverse needs of its community while upholding its reputation for academic excellence.