Insights from New Zealand Teacher Survey

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  • August 24, 2023
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Discover the latest revelations from a comprehensive study involving 775 educators in New Zealand as part of the Growing Up in New Zealand longitudinal research project Classroom Vibes: Most teachers described their classrooms as positive and engaging learning spaces.

Digital Dilemmas: Teachers revealed that nearly 14 percent of students faced challenges staying focused with digital tech, while about 15 percent had trouble sorting reliable online info.

Online Learning Juggle: Around two-thirds of teachers felt that remote learning during the pandemic didn’t effectively support students’ progress.

Bullying Perspectives: Student reports of bullying incidents were notably higher than those reported by teachers. Addressing this incongruity is crucial for fostering safe school environments.

Inclusive Education: Surprisingly, one in 10 teachers mentioned not incorporating diverse identities in teaching materials. Embracing Māori, Pacific, Asian, disabilities, and transgender identities is essential.

Dr. Kane Meissel, from the University of Auckland, highlighted the importance of these findings.

”This study enhances our understanding of educational journeys and offers insights for schools and policymakers.”

These findings are a glimpse into the rich dataset of the Growing Up in New Zealand study, inviting researchers and data enthusiasts to dive deeper into the role of the school environment in shaping young individuals’ well-being.