Invercargill Middle School’s 150th Jubilee

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  • October 18, 2023
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A Celebration of Community and Rediscovery

Invercargill Middle School is on the verge of making history as it gears up for its 150th Jubilee celebration. This special event will be an opportunity for Southlanders to reconnect with their school’s past, celebrate the present, and glimpse into the future.

The weekend kicks off with current students offering guided tours, giving alumni a chance to reminisce about their school days and see the school’s transformation. The event will feature a historical display showcasing the school’s evolution through photographs and memorabilia.

Saturday’s program is brimming with significance, starting with a performance by the school’s kapa haka rōpū. The school will also rededicate a long-lost war memorial, found during jubilee research. This memorial, first dedicated in 1923, will finally have its rightful place in the school hall, honouring past sacrifices.

An interesting aspect of this memorial is that it doesn’t list fallen soldiers’ names. Instead, a roll of honour at the school office allowed families to add names personally, ensuring no one is forgotten.

Another exciting find was a banner in the school’s original gold and black colours, adding an extra layer of nostalgia to the celebration.

Former students from as far as Queensland, Australia, will be joining the jubilee, with some having memories dating back to 1939. The enthusiastic response from the community, including donations and support, highlights the strong connection between the school and its Southland community.

The celebration’s Saturday night dinner, with guest speaker Reinga Bloxham, a former teacher turned netball coaching star, promises to be a memorable event.

Throughout the weekend, the focus will be on more than just history; it’s about community, connection, and embracing the legacy of Invercargill Middle School.


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