Key Tertiary Fee Regulations for 2024

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  • September 11, 2023
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New Zealand’s Minister of Education has unveiled crucial tertiary fee regulations for 2024 after extensive consultations. These decisions will significantly impact students and educational institutions. Here’s a concise overview of the key changes:


Annual Maximum Fee Movement (AMFM)

The AMFM, which caps fee increases for certain courses, is set at 2.8 percent for 2024. This maintains affordability for students while allowing institutions some flexibility to cover rising costs.


Micro-Credential Fee Cap

Micro-credentials’ fee cap increases to 64 dollars per credit in 2024, aligning with AMFM changes and ensuring accessible education.


Fee Regulation Policy Changes

Policy changes include allowing providers to temporarily reduce fees and relaxing criteria for AMFM exceptions. This supports innovative pricing strategies and sustainable course offerings.


Transparency in Student Services Fees

Providers must be more transparent when consulting on student services fees. They’ll report fee income, expenditure, and the influence of learner feedback on fee decisions.


Te Pūkenga Programme Unification

To streamline programs at Te Pūkenga, fee-setting limits continue to apply to new courses in 2024.

In summary, these regulations emphasise accessible and affordable tertiary education, empowering both students and institutions to navigate the evolving educational landscape. For more information visit