Northland principals are urgently urging the Government to address a failing system that’s leaving many vulnerable students without crucial support. The In-Class Support (ICS) funding by the Ministry of Education, intended for students with significant learning needs, is falling short. Data from Whangarei shows that out of 268 ICS applications meeting funding criteria, only 11 out of 242 eligible students will receive the help they need due to limited vacancies.

Pat Newman, Te Tai Tokerau Principals’ Association President, emphasises the gravity of this issue, affecting not just the children but also burdening teachers already under pressure. In response, Northland principal associations have collectively decided to suspend future ICS applications, aiming to highlight the urgency for change. Newman reveals the significant discrepancy between the time spent on applications (estimated at 2300 hours) and the available ICS support (2200

He questions the government’s commitment to children’s rights and emphasises the need for immediate action. Newman proposes a $2 million injection into ICS across Tai Tokerau to rectify the situation, stressing its cost-effectiveness compared to other expenses. The plea is clear: prioritise the education and well-being of these vulnerable students.

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