Protests against TEC funding cuts

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  • September 5, 2023
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According to, dozens of university students, educators, and union members took to the streets of Wellington in protest of the recent 52 million dollars funding cut by the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC). This decision came in response to a significant drop in student enrollment numbers, a move that has left many educational institutions struggling to cope.

The Tertiary Education Union expressed its outrage at these cuts, which have forced some institutions to shut down courses and lay off staff due to insufficient funding. Dougal McNeill, the union branch president at Victoria University of Wellington, was shocked by the decision, especially after the government had recently announced an additional 128 million dollars in funding for the struggling sector.

The root cause of these funding cuts lies in the decline in student enrollments. Universities receive funding based on their student numbers, and the recent drop in enrollments has exacerbated their financial challenges.

Protesters gathered outside the TEC office, chanting “no cuts” and describing these actions as “ripping the future away from learners.” They believe this decision undermines the fundamental right to education.

Experts and educators also voiced their concerns, with Stephen Epstein, an associate professor at Victoria University, calling the cuts “short-sighted” and warning of potential consequences for New Zealand’s post-COVID recovery. Students fear that the cuts will limit their educational opportunities, and staff members are worried about job security.

Overall, the funding cut decision by the TEC has ignited passionate protests and raised serious concerns about the future of higher education in New Zealand. The education sector continues to grapple with the financial impact of the pandemic, and many hope for a more sustainable solution that prioritises the needs of students and educators alike.