In response to feedback from educators, communities, and families, the New Zealand Ministry of Education is introducing significant changes to improve the teaching and learning of vital skills: literacy, communication, and mathematics. These skills are pivotal for students’ well-being and future prospects, guiding them from early learning through secondary education and beyond.

Key Changes and Timeline
● Curriculum Updates: Starting 2025, schools will adopt new mathematics, statistics, and English learning areas from the refreshed NZ curriculum.
● Common Practice Model: By 2026, all schools will incorporate the Common Practice Model for teaching literacy, communication, and maths.
● Ako Framework: Māori-medium settings will embrace the Ako Framework from 2026, enhancing teaching quality.

The Ministry is committed to supporting educators with resources, guidance, and professional learning opportunities. Curriculum Leads and Leadership Advisers will facilitate smooth implementation.

The Ministry will engage with Kaupapa Māori education organisations to enhance teaching and learning of te reo matatini and pāngarau, respecting and celebrating diversity.

These changes reflect New Zealand’s dedication to providing a holistic education. By emphasising essential skills and offering targeted support, the Ministry is nurturing adaptable, empowered learners.

New Zealand’s education system is evolving to meet the changing needs of students. Through these changes, the Ministry aims to empower students, ensuring they’re well-prepared for a dynamic world beyond the classroom.