The Debate Over Bathroom Breaks

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  • August 31, 2023
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The issue of whether students should be allowed to use the bathroom during class has been a topic of debate among students and teachers for years. Recently, this debate has gained attention in education news due to a situation at Gore High School, as reported by The school has made changes to how bathroom breaks are managed, citing concerns about vaping.

According to the article, younger students were reportedly not allowed to use the bathrooms during class to prevent them from encountering older students who might be vaping. However, the school’s principal clarified that there hasn’t been a complete ban on bathroom breaks. The school’s staff aimed to address a problem where some students were taking advantage of bathroom breaks to skip class activities.

The discussion about bathroom breaks during class isn’t new. Many students feel it’s important for teachers to allow them to use the bathroom, especially for female students. This ongoing conversation highlights the challenge of finding a balance between keeping students engaged in class and acknowledging their basic needs.

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