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  • October 20, 2023
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Rangiora High School’s Farm Transition

Rangiora High School is undergoing changes on its farm, in response to the growing urban influence in the area. The school is reconsidering the role of its farm, with a focus on adapting it into a modern outdoor learning space. This transformation goes beyond traditional lamb-raising practices and explores a wider range of possibilities for utilising the land.

Despite an increasing number of students hailing from urban backgrounds, Rangiora High School is committed to retaining the farm. They are actively exploring ways to make the farm accessible and beneficial for all students. Collaborative efforts with external partners are being considered to maximise the farm’s utility while maintaining flexibility and sustainability.

The farm has attracted attention from the community, with its activities being closely monitored. Ensuring ethical and responsible practices is a top priority for the school.

Recognising that not all students have a farming background, the school acknowledges the importance of offering opportunities to explore and understand agriculture. There are even discussions about potentially relocating some classrooms to create more space for the farm.

Rangiora High School is actively planning for the farm’s future, keeping in mind the changing needs of its student population and the necessity for sustainable practices. The goal is to create a learning environment that aligns with the challenges and opportunities of the present and future.

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