Tikitiki o Putea: Te Reo Māori Money Magic!

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  • September 13, 2023
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In honour of Māori Language Week, a remarkable initiative, “Tikitiki o Putea,” is making waves by integrating Te Reo Māori into financial literacy education. This program, deeply rooted in Māori values, has already seen success in Kura Kaupapa (Māori immersion schools).

Tikitiki o Putea seeks to demystify money conversations within Māori households, a subject often left unspoken. It’s designed with Te Ao Māori values at its core, aiming to connect the Māori language with financial wisdom.

At one Kura Kaupapa in Tamaki Makaurau sn inspiring bake sale exemplified their success, surpassing their goal with 720 dollars in sales. The impact is tangible, with students showing a 50 percent increase in confidence discussing money with family, a 40 percent boost in understanding budgeting, and a 35 percent rise in knowledge about setting financial goals.

Tikitiki O Putea facilitator Unique Powell told Newshub,

“Our programme is going really well. We’ve had really good support from our kura that we have travelled to. The students really enjoy it. I enjoyed it. It’s just an all-round amazing programme that looks into te ao Māori and also inspires our language.”

Born from the GetWise program, Tikitiki o Putea is in its pilot stage but aspires to expand its reach to more Kura Kaupapa Māori, empowering tamariki and their whanau for a financially secure future.