Parents in New Zealand are standing up for better early childhood education (ECE) standards. Led by spokesperson Camille Furnandiz, the Early Childhood Education Parents’ Council is highlighting the importance of qualified teachers in ECE centres.

“We want the law changed so there is certainty that at any early education and care centre, at all times of the day, at least half the children’s teachers are fully qualified ECE teachers.” Camille says.

A recent survey by the Council uncovered an interesting fact that 100 percent of parents expect at least half of the teachers in preschools, childcare centres, and kindergartens to be fully qualified to teach and nurture children under five.

Surprisingly, 80 percent of parents were unaware that the Ministry of Education has no set requirements for ECE-qualified staff. Camille raises her concerns and says, “Surely the Ministry of Education and the Government should be invested in giving
children the best beginning in their educational journey – how is it acceptable for children to be left in the care of a centre, for any length of time, at which not a single member of staff with them is an ECE trained and fully qualified teacher?”.

Parents are concerned about the foundation their kids are getting. They understan that a solid start in the early years shapes future learning. Parents are now calling for clear standards and assurance that their children receive the best care and education possible.

Camille Furnandiz and the ECE Parents’ Council are leading this movement for change. They’re pushing for regulations that guarantee fully qualified ECE teachers are always present in centres.

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Sourced from a media release published on in the education section